Is Nepal a Part of India or Was it ever?

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Is Nepal a State or Part of India?

No, Nepal is an Independent Country in Southern-Eastern Asia Sharing its International Borders with India, China, and Bhutan.

Currently, Nepal is a Democratic Country, in the past, it was never a colony of any country including British and British-India.

India and Nepal both share many similarities in terms of culture and environment, India and Nepal even share open borders.

Do you need a Passport/Visa to visit Nepal?

No, an Indian Citizen doesn't need to have a Visa or passport to visit or stay in Nepal not even a Nepali citizen Needs a Visa or Passport to visit or stay in India either.

The Government of both Countries has tied up to share free borders, as both the countries are part of each other's culture.

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Was Nepal ever been a part of India?

Modern Nepal was never a part of India, In fact, in the past Nepal was not even a single country.

Yes, Nepal was Divided among several kingdoms and lands, Similar to India which was Divided into thousand of different kingdoms until 1947.

Was Nepal a part of India?

Nepal as a whole country was never a part of Modern as well as Medival India, But Some Texts and Facts suggest that some of or maybe a lot of Modern-day Nepal were a Part Historic kingdoms of India.

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Ashoka built Lumbini Piller during 3rd BCE and Expanded the Buddhism Current Easter India and Nepal, which means that during Maurya Empire, at least Some part of Current Nepal was under Bharatwarsh.

medival Tibet Nepal

And rest part was under Tibet Empire. [ Above Image is Reference to Tibet Empire, in Medival Era | Source- Wikipedia.]

After Maurya Empire Medival Bharatwarsh was decentralized and the states were separated into different states, Nepal was also separated into dozens of Kingdoms.

In 19th Century Nepal was United as a Country to defend itself from Britishers, and Today's Nepal was FIrst Formed, Nepal was never colonized by britishers but was used as the mediator between East India Company and China trade.

After Many Result-less Wars between Britishers and Nepal, In 1925 a Treaty was signed between Nepal and Britishers which Declared Nepal as a Country and Agreed that Britishers will never attack or colonized Nepal.

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