What makes India and Nepal Similar and Different

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India and Nepal
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Why Nepal and India are so Similar?

India and Nepal both are neighbors from ancient times, Both countries are known to be as old as the Great Himalayas, the Culture of Sanathan Dharm is Expanded from India to Nepal which makes them so similar.

Nepal has an extremely rich culture and history, especially from the religious point of view, Nepal is the most significant place for Hindus and Buddhists.

Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu capital of Nepal is among the 4 Most Sacred Temples of Lord Shiva, Baghmathi River is a Holy river, Lumbini the ancient which is the Birthplace of Bhagwan Gautam Buddha, and Janakpur - Janki Temple, overall is among the holiest places in Hinduism, Buddism, and Jainism.

Many Pilgrims of Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddism not only from India but all Across the world visit Nepal, it is an economy majorly dependent on tourism.

Indian's gets an extra edge, as they don't have to pay any visa fees or any kind of formalities.

The free trade and free border concept is a Big reason why Modern Nepal is Influenced by India, as a significant population involved in trade practice with India and a big part of tourist are Indians.

In fact, a big population of Nepal knew and speaks Hindi very well, Bollywood, television, and Media are the big reasons too.

What Makes India and Nepal Similar?

As discussed above, the key points and Details are Listed and briefed below.

1. Culture and Religion 

Both India and Nepal have Similar Culture as they are Neighbours from Ancient times, Hinduism religion is followed in both countries.

Language is a vital part of any Culture, Nepali which is the National Language of Nepal is among India's official languages since Nepali is an Indo-Aryan language and is a mother tongue of a significant Indian Population. 

 This is why Amount in Indian Currency notes is also printed in Nepali Language.

2. Government Relations

India-Nepal political relation is very positive since India's Independence, after the 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship, trade and people and even vehicle movement is extremely relaxed and Free to an extend.

3. Trade

Nepal Imports most of the products and even services from India about 60% of total recorded imports of Nepal are from India, the Trade and business.

This means products from big to Small brands of India can be observed in Nepal's Store, Even big corporates have their industry and plants set up in Nepal.

4. Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism is the main sector of Nepal's Economy, Indian's are the main participants in Nepal's Tourism, and much Nepali travel and stay in India for Work and Livelihood, and the Same is for Indian's who work in Nepal.

This exchange of work and tourism is so common that the majority of Nepal's Urban population can interact in Hindi.

5. Economic Factors

India and Nepal both are Developing countries, and Nepal is also economically influenced by India's Economy.

 Do you Know?

India and Nepal both have Rupees as their Currency i.e. Indian Rupees and Nepali Rupees.

 Fact: Nepali Rupee is Pegged at Indian Rupees and not dollar, which means Nepali Rupee is calculated at Indian Rupees base rate.
NPR = 1.6 x INR

What Makes Nepal Different from India?

Even, being so influenced by Bharat and sharing many similarities, still Nepal has an unique culture of its own, which makes it individual and different from India.

The culture of India and Nepal is Similar but not the same, the culture and origin of Nepal is as old as the first civilization of the world, Nepal's Interaction with China, Bhutan, and Buddhism also plays a significant role in Nepal's Culture and Rituals.

Key Difference in Indian and Nepali Culture

Location and Geography

Nepal was Never conquered by any foreign power, unlike India which was colonized by dozens of different powers, like the British, Mughals, Dutch and French.

Was Never Colonized

Nepal was Never conquered by any foreign power, unlike India which was colonized by dozens of different powers, like the British, Mughals, Dutch and French.

As India was colonized and ruled by foreigner's its culture and rituals were diluted and mixed with the ruler.

For example, India's favorite sport is Cricket which is an English game and has no relation with the history of Bharat, while the influence of Cricket is not that much in Nepal.

Nepal is famous for its Traditional Games like "Dandi biyo" Gully Danda, even it was the National Sport until 2017.

Influence of China

As like Indian influence, Nepali culture is also influenced by China, it is also a big country in Asia and also very rich in terms of its culture.

Being a close neighbor of a country like China, Nepali culture has a prominent essence of Chinese culture, which is absent in India except for a few eastern Indian States like Sikkim.

Even Tibet and Nepal share a Free border and Free Trade which significantly influences Nepal's Economy and Language.

That means, you can even see many people in Nepal who can Speak Chinese too.

Buddhism in Nepal

Buddhism is 
the Second Largest Religion
in Nepal, just after Hinduism.
 Lumbini, Nepal which is the Birthplace of Prince Siddhartha - Gautam Budh who founded the Buddhism religion.

There are thousands of Temples dedicated to Buddhism including Muktinath, Lumbini, and swayambhunath Stupa.

Since Buddhism is Shares a Great History in Nepal, the religion is mixed in Nepal's Culture to such an extent that even many Temples are a common house of worship for Hindus as well as Buddhists.

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